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How to Install a Screen Porch

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Porches are the most popular types of screen rooms. Many homeowners consider installing one, which is why there are a lot of options, designs, products, and materials that came to be, as far as its installation is concerned. If you want one for your home, it’s important that you plan the screen room that you’ll build quite well.

Planning is always the first and most crucial step when it comes to doing any type of home improvement project. If you want to build the perfect screen room, then follow the guidelines that we have listed below.

1. Choose the ideal door and decide where to place it.

There are different types of doors that can be used on screen rooms and you can find the best one by considering its dynamics. How the door opens and where it will be placed will directly affect the functionality of your screen room. The door should be installed in such a way it does not block traffic.

2. Consider all types of screening.

There are different types of screening materials to use for the room. Your choices include aluminum, fiberglass, and hand-stretched screening. The aluminum types tend to crease quite easily while the hand-stretch screens are rather weak. Fiberglass screens are easiest to work with and they don’t crease. It’s also possible to tint them to block the sun and reduce glare.

3. Consider natural lighting.

The purpose of screen room is to create a space with ample protection from outdoor elements but still getting enough sunlight. While there’s no issue with lighting for the screen room itself, it may block the lighting that the room adjacent to it receives. This is why proper planning is necessary.

4. Consider electrical wiring.

If you need to run wires in the screen room, then you have to plan that well. Determine the number of outlets that you need by considering the appliances that you want to install in it. If you want to install more than just ceiling fans and lights, then it’s best to talk to an electrician about it.

5. Consider the other materials needed.

Although it is a screen room, not all materials are made of screen. You’ll also need other for the walls, floors, interior trims, and ceilings such as vinyl, wood, cedar, and composite. You may also need to install bead boards.

6. Research roof styles.

Roof styles are dictated by the roofing of your existing house. Consider the amount of light that you wish to get inside the room. To find the best roof type, find a licensed roofing contractor to help you out.

7. Plan where the furnishing goes.

Pick out the furnishings for your screen room beforehand, so you can lay them out on the plan. Be sure to use furnishings that add functionality to the screen room. Measure the room and have an idea as to how each furnishing will fit in there.

If you need to install a screen room, be sure to consult with a Houston screen room expert. Such a can help with the planning, construction, and design of the whole project.

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