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Do You Need Air Conditioner Repair?

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When the sun is up and the temperature starts to rise, all eyes dart to the air conditioner because it has to be ready for the summer. Needless to say, it will be running all day and night to keep the house cool. If you have maintained it well, you shouldn’t have a problem. But if it has been neglected during the colder days, you might have to do some repairs as early as now.

How do you know that your air conditioner needs repairs? Below are some points to consider. If you do experience them, be sure that you call the experts because you don’t have to get stuck all summer without good air conditioning.

1. Warm air blowing

Warm air that’s blowing out of the vents may mean that the thermostat is busted. If the thermostat seems to be working but the air produced by the air conditioner is not as cold as expected, your issue may have to do with the compressor. If you encounter this and you’ve already cleaned the vent to no avail, call the experts.

2. Not enough airflow

A blockage is the most common reason for poor airflow. There could be something in the ducts that keep the air from getting into the different parts of your home. If the ducts have been cleaned and the problem remains, then the issue could be with the air filter or the motor of the air conditioner itself. Proper troubleshooting is required.

3. Erratic cycling

Air conditioning systems turn on and off when it reached the desired temperature. This is referred to as the routine cooling cycle and your air conditioning should do it every time it is running. However, it may happen that the system fails to cycle off or is constantly cycling on and off. Whichever way, there definitely is a problem with your system and you need to call the experts to get it fixed. Otherwise, you might need to get a new air conditioning system.

4. Too much humidity

Sticky weather is expected during summer and spring but because you have an air conditioning system installed at home, you shouldn’t experience the same indoors. If you still feel sticky and hot even when the conditioner is running, then your system isn’t moderating humidity levels as it should. Repairs may be necessary or you might have to install a dehumidifier.

5. Leaking water

Condensation is expected when the air conditioner works because it uses refrigerant to cool the home. However, leaks shouldn’t find its way into your home because that could cause moisture and moisture leads to molds. If you see any active leak anywhere or if the water starts pooling, then it only means that the air conditioner is no longer working properly. Consider this as an emergency case and you should call for

There may be other tell-tale signs of air conditioner repair and when you do think it is time to call the experts, you should. Don’t compromise the health and comfort of your family at all times. Air conditioning repair experts are just around the corner, ready to help you.

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