Ways to Fight Tree Blights

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Blight is one of the quickest and deadliest tree diseases, which can possibly impact almost any tree within the United States, making it a major issue. That is why it is important to combat blight. If you fail to treat this issue as soon as it occurs, it can’t only kill one tree but also the whole population of trees you have. There are different kinds of tree blight, however, the treatment is basically similar for all of these various diseases.

Chestnut blight

You should not be fooled by the name of this tree. All types of hardwood trees, such as chestnut trees, could be impacted by chestnut blight. This blight can possibly be extremely fatal and can kill the hardwood tree’s entire population. There’s no treatment if your tree gets infected by chestnut blight, hence, you should diligently prune your tree as soon as you observe this.

Fire blight

Commonly, fire blight can cause discoloration on tree barks. Also, it can affect roots and blossoms. There’s no way you can treat fire blight as well. As soon as it impacts your trees, the only alternative you have is to entirely remove the blight by pruning it. You need to over-prune so that you can remove fire blight successfully.

Dutch Elm

Dutch elm is a kind of blight particular to elm trees. It could be feasted by beetles. For protection, you can a protective treatment to your elm trees every 2-3 years. This can help, at least, minimize the possibility of them getting the disease.

Dothistroma and Diploadia Blight

Virtually all kinds of pine can possibly be infested with dothistroma and diplodia blight. Diplodia blight can turn the pine tree’s needles brown. Also, this kind of blight can stunt development in new shoots. This can definitely make your tree appear malformed. Meanwhile, dothistroma blight can kill the evergreen tree’s needles. After some time, dothistroma blight can potentially kill a tree once if you fail to treat it.

Verticillium Wilt

This is one of the most dangerous and the most pernicious type of blight. This wilt can affect numerous plant types, from vegetables to hem to maple trees. The crucial part of tackling this type of wilt is that it survives in the soil, which means that pruning dead branches that have browning leaves won’t suffice.

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