How to Know if Birth Centers are Right for You 

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Birth centers are on the rise in the United States and a lot of health care insurance providers cover them in the same way that they would hospital birth. This is why they are starting to be popular nowadays, especially among mothers who prefer the traditional way of giving birth instead of going through surgery or the C-section.  


A birth center offers an entirely different experience than that of a hospital. For one thing, you’ll most likely give birth in a bathtub instead of the operating room and lie in a queen-size bed instead of a hospital bed. You also won’t be receiving a lot of pain killers nor use intrusive medical equipment throughout the childbirth process.  

What Makes Birth Center Different? 

The restricted rooms and antiseptic-filled air of hospitals aren’t what you’ll deal with if you choose to give birth in these centers. You’ll also be working with a midwife for the most part and not an obstetrician. The midwife of course, could request the presence of one if she deems it necessary.  

Much because you are not in a hospital setup, you can request for a close family member to be with you during the entire process. Many mothers prefer to have their husbands at their side throughout the process and that’s okay. Some would ask their older children or close friends to assist them.  

Why Consider a Birth Center? 

Many of the women who have given birth at a birth center claim that it’s an empowering experience for them. They were in control of the whole situation, which makes the experience more personal than anything else. The midwives and other health care assistants are very helpful as well and they contribute to the whole experience.  

Other than the wonders of natural childbirth, many consider this option because it’s way more economical. Families tend to pay for less than half of what they could be paying a regular hospital for uncomplicated birth. This is because the mother’s stay in a birth center tends to be lower than in a hospital. They also don’t use a lot of medications like anesthesia or epidurals. Furthermore, their insurance provider also included the procedure in their coverage.  

More Advantages of Birth Centers  

Mothers who have tried birth centers also love the peaceful and calm environment that they provide. With them in full control of the situation, they can address painful contractions by getting into the bathtub with warm water. They may also opt to walk around their large room if they prefer to do so. In case they want their midwives at their side for support and comfort, that’s possible as well. That is something that you can’t request from a busy obstetrician.  

What’s more, the services of birth centers don’t end after you have given birth. They provide post-birth services as well, which include house visits and phone calls to make sure that both the mother and the baby are well. With all things considered, birth centers may just be the better alternative to hospitals for healthy mothers with low-risk pregnancies. If you want to know more about birth centers and what they can do for you, simply visit  

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